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Housing Then, Now and Tomorrow

Moving to more energy efficient homes. You might be surprised to know how much housing in Ontario and Canada has evolved over the past 60 years. In fact, it’s very likely that your parents or grandparents lived in homes that were significantly different than the house you and your family live in today. Canada Mortgage...

Protecting Your Family: Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Most of us see our homes as a safe, secure and protective shelter for our families. And with the proper precautions that’s likely very true. As we welcome yet another spring season, we are reminded that it’s that time of year again to ensure that your home has properly installed, functioning smoke alarms. If your...

Extreme Snow Conditions & Your Home

What to Watch For The heavy snowfalls that Ottawa has been receiving are just about over but some of the potential problems for homeowners are just about to begin. Dry light snow and high wind conditions in Ottawa have presented some unusual problems not seen for many years. One of these is a much higher...

Housing Is The “Green” Machine

Ottawa is being transformed through the combined efforts of private sector developers and investors, new home builders and local renovators, working with municipal audit’s now been almost 20 years since the term “sustainable” first gained popularity and although most people had a vague notion of what it meant there wasn’t any clear definition. It wasn’t for...

Professional Design Tips Can Help You Plan

Planning your renovation is both exciting and challenging. You want to create a home that suits your lifestyle and your budget. You also want to protect your investment by making wise decisions that let you recoup all, or most, of your money on resale. Recently, a group of professional renovators from across Canada were asked...

5 Tips For Living Through Your Renovation

A few years ago, when I owned a period home in Sandy Hill, I did a small kitchen renovation. It involved stripping the old linoleum floor to the original hardwood, repositioning the existing kitchen cabinets, relocating some wiring and a small amount of plumbing, adding a new counter top and – of course – painting....

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